Are you looking for an actor, consultant or even a producer for your upcoming project?

Then I might be the perfect match for this!

About me 

1. Actor

As an actor, I thrive in both dramatic and comedic roles. Whether it's a heart-wrenching scene or a laugh-out-loud moment,  I bring my unwavering commitment to every role. My energy is boundless, yet my attitude remains calm—a perfect blend for the screen. Fearless and limitless, I embrace challenges with gusto.

Friendly, professional, and well-liked by colleagues,  I'm ready to captivate audiences and breathe life into characters.

Welcome to my world of storytelling. Let's create magic together! 

2. Model

As a model, I bring a dynamic and professional attitude to every shoot. My photogenic presence grace fotoshoots, hand and hair modelling and fashion shows

With a willingness to transform my appearance, I'm ready to make your vision come to life. 

3. Voiceover

With a resonant and versatile voice, I've captivated audiences through commercials. I think I can bring life to other genres too. Whether narrating audiobooks, doing voices for character to films, I'm sure my deep timbre leaves a lasting impression. 

4. Consultant

As a consultant with many years of experience from different industries it doesn't matter in what line of work you are - I will bring my knowledge and skills to help.

 I specialize in recruitment, business development, leadership coaching, sales strategies, and fundraising. My approach is relationship-focused, and I pride myself on being well-liked, humble, respectful, and trustworthy

Let's elevate your business together!! 

5. Film- and TV Industry

As a Producer and Talent-Manager, I will bring my extensive experience to the table. Even that this area is still new for me I will be diligent, trustworthy, and respectful.

Fearless in taking risks. Persistent and With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, I can effectively steer your business toward success

6. Private

Im 29, live in Aalborg, Denmark with my 2 sons Matteo (6) and Marco (4) part time and fulltime with "Lisa" my Robo-vacuum cleaner. 

I play Badminton, Padel and Table Tennis. I can play Football (Soccer) and Handball too. 

Sailing is one of my big summer hobbies. 

Love cars, music and of course movies. 

Easy to laugh, dad-humor and trying to keep my knowlegde up to date.

7. Measurements and skills

- Age: 29

- Height: 184 cm. 

- Weight: 85 kg. 

- Size: Medium 

- Shoes: 45 EU

- Hair: Dark blond 

- Eyes: Blue 


Language: Danish, English and ear for other languages. 

Sports: Badminton, Padel, Table Tennis, Swimming, Football, Handball, Driving, Motorsports, Sailing, Workout, Running, Walking.

Miscellaneous: Boardgames, Gaming, Writing, Reading, Drawing, Computers.

Building, Fixing things (Handy man stuff), Gardening, Cooking. Being a dad!

8. Geographic work-area 

With my own car, I can quickly get around Denmark.

 I'm also willing to drive or fly around the rest of Europe

In fact, I'm open to taking assignments anywhere in the world.

 Longer travel periods can also be arranged.